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Schwamendingenstrasse 10, 8050 Zürich (Zürich)
Schwamendingenstrasse 10
Zürich, 8050
Switzerland  Zürich

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Car rental in Zurich

Sarent car Rental Company has a large number of stations across Switzerland especially we provide

car rental at zurich.

When our valuable travelers book, we welcome with confirmation right away that’s how we assure travelers that Sarent is waiting for you on the picking up point. When you reach at pickup point Sarent agent welcomes you and gives you an elite class service at low affordable price. We have all the branded vehicles. Ensuring your safe journey is our main aim.

In Zurich you have Sarent stations at your disposal, where you can book your rental car for your stay or you can make a comparison for cheap car hire conveniently online. The stations are located in city Zurich airport and not far from the central station, in the city center.

Zurich is one of the most important scientific, economic and social centers in Switzerland. The city is said to have the highest quality of life worldwide and ranks eighth in the world's most expensive cities. Despite its relatively small population, Zurich is one of the best cities in world. The city is not only the seat of numerous insurance companies, but also one of the most important transport hubs in Switzerland. City is one of the best places in Switzerland to visit.

Zurich, as a cosmopolitan city, has a great cultural significance and international significance. Many artists perform in the city and every year numerous fairs take place here.

Zurich is Switzerland’s hub of economic activity and education. Located in the heart of Europe, the city offers all the modern facilities, with keeping all its natural beauty intact. Zurich has ranked among the world’s top cities in terms of quality of life. It is a boutique city that offers everything that implies, albeit in small and exquisite format

Lake and Old Town – The lake basin and Old Town are the heart of Zurich. Very fun place to spend time.

Uetliberg – Zurich’s landmark mountain, provides direct view of Lake Zurich and snow-capped Alps. The best scenes for truely nature lovers.

Zurich Zoo – Having large number if animals in the Zoo, provides a variety of fun that is available there

Rapperswil – The riviera on Upper Lake Zurich provides glory and natural attraction with more than 16,000 roses.

Kunsthaus Zürich – Zurich’s most extensive collection of modern art and provides best view in exhibitions and events.

National Museum Zurich – Provides the history flashbacks of the country with all the details form past to present of the country.

FIFA – Its enchanting exhibits are here to impress you in all the way even if you are not a football lover.

Casino – Roulette, black jack or punto banco: Switzerland’s biggest casino that provides immense of music and facilities you can ever imagine.

Sarent Tips

Switzerland's largest city and main financial center, Zurich, is world-renowned for its vibrant culture, impeccably clean streets, beautiful scenery and regularly tops the list of most livable cities. Historically seen as business oriented with a serious streak, the wealthy metropolis has recently flourished into a trendy destination with a cool post-industrial edge that serves as a fertile ground for a blossoming art scene.

In contrast is the ancient center, with its elegant lanes, historic buildings and iconic churches. Fraumünster, the 13th-century cathedral, is a good example of Zurich's rich legacy. Renowned for its stunning, distinctive stained-glass windows, it was designed by the Russian-Jewish master Marc Chagall (1887-1985). And when in the mood for something modern, head to Züri-West, the epicenter of the city's nightlife, where its old factories have been turned into cultural centers and creative new living spaces.